Hello Murray

Lots to do in this small, friendly town

💬 Hot goss around the town

2020 has been a hard year. For a lighthearted change, here are some bits of good news happening around our city. Do you have something you'd like to pass along? Email with all the info, or find us on Instagram.

🥣 Feed me

If you're in need of a meal check out the recently updated Feed Me community resource. Find it here, share it widely.

♻️ Curbside recycling in Murray is a go

In a fabulous step in the right direction, Murray is testing the waters with curbside recycling. Sign-ups are now open; call (270) 762-0380 to put your name on the list. Visit the city of Murray's website to learn more.

  • This service is not automatic and is completely voluntary; you will need to call to be included in the program
  • $15 per month for pickup every two weeks
  • Accepted items include 1 & 2 plastics, paper products, cardboard products, and metals.

🦠 Covid stats for Calloway County

The Calloway County Health Department does a good job regularly updating the public on COVID-19 cases within the county. Updates are usually posted daily on the department Facebook page. They also provide statistics for all cases since March. Updates about the vaccine will also be posted there.

📚 Library expansion

Looks like the Calloway County Public Library is getting closer to a vote on library expansion. This Murray Ledger Article outlines it well. The board will take time over the holiday to think on it, and will bring it to a vote in January 2021. A quote from the above article: "If a final decision is made in January 2021, he [Chris Cottingim, the designer] estimated construction could be completed in November 2022."

🍲 MISD food pickup

The Murray Independent School District offers weekly food pickup for any child ages 0-18 on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:30 pm at MHS & MMS, and 11:00-12:30 on Fridays at MES. They're in danger of losing grant funding if the number of people doesn't increase. If you aren't in need of the food they provide, drop the non-perishables off at a blessing box.

👀 Local resources

Speaking of helping others, the Murray chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women) has compiled an incredible resource listing local blessing boxes, food pantries, little free libraries, art supply exchange, seed exchange, animal blessing box, and other community resources. You can find their spreadsheet here and a google map here. We in Murray help one another, and seeing evidence in a good ole spreadsheet really lifts the spirits.

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last updated march twenty-third