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Saturday, November 02, 2019 📽️ Cinema International: Altiplano

Starting at 7:30 PM at MSU Curris Center

Dir. Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth with Magaly Solier, Jasmin Tabatabai, Olivier Gourmet.
In English, French, Spanish, Quechua
NR, 109 mins.

High in the majestic Andes of Peru, silent but deadly traces of mercury, remnants of silver mining, bring illness and death to a local village. Altiplano - which received an award for environment awareness at the Bangkok Film Festival -is the story of two women: Saturnina, the fiancé of a villager killed by mercury poisoning and Grace, a shell-shocked war photographer whose husband falls victim to the angry rioting villagers. Saturnina takes drastic action to protest the endless violations against her people and her land while Grace sets out on a journey of mourning to the place of her husband’s death. As their destinies merge, this probing film explores our divided but inextricably linked world. Rotten Tomatoes qualifies it of a “message movie that Igmar Bergman could have made about Peru”. “A masterful, brilliant film! Each stunning shot is composed like an individual work of art” (This Week in New York ). The result is an unforgettable visual feast, a portrait of humanity in the face of loss and outside forces.


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